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吉祥博官网:In the time it takes you to read this story, more than 600 Boeing 737s will have landed or taken off, somewhere in the world.本周交付给的第7500架波音737飞机驶进西雅图波音公司的油漆车间This week, Boeing delievered its 7,500th 737, to Malaysia-based Malindo Air. There are a further 3,100 orders for 737s, making it the most commercially successful air liner in history.在你读者这篇文章的短短时间里,在世界各地的机场里就不会有多达600架的波音737飞机在民航机。Boeings 737 output single-handedly outnumbers the entire Airbus fleet. And the plane recently got a new engine and a new Sky Interior.本星期波音公司向总部在马来西亚的马印航空公司交付给了该公司生产的第7500架波音737飞机。目前波音公司还持有人3100架737飞机的订单,使该飞机沦为史上最顺利的商用飞机。

The hype surrounding Boeings workhorse cant compare to that of the Airbus A380 (the largest jet ever built) or the Boeing 747-8 (the longest) or the Boeing 787 (the most high-tech).波音公司仅有737飞机单一型号的产量就多达了空客飞机全部型号加在一起的产量。最近737飞机又有了新的引擎和被称作“天空内饰”的新内饰。


Its not glamorous, its not eccentric, and its often overshadowed by its bigger, sparklier peers. But the 737s success lies in its ability to continually reinvent itself.737是波音公司生产的一种结实轻巧的飞机,用在737飞机上的宣传广告不多,与对空客A380(迄今为止仅次于的喷气飞机),波音747(世界上最久的飞机)或波音787(最低科技的飞机)的大肆宣传不可同日而语。The original series早期的型号系列The first 737 -- the 100 model -- entered service in February 1968. With a typical two-class seating capacity of 85 and a range of only 2,850 kilometers, the 737-100 wasnt terribly popular.第一架737飞机——100型——于1968年2月投放营运,典型的座舱布置为两个等级85座,航程仅有为2850公里。737-100飞机买得不是很好。Launched simultaneously, however, was the 200 model. With slight increases in length and fuel capacity, the 200 could carry 97 passengers up to 3,500 kilometers on roughly the same amount of fuel. A far better proposition for airlines, Boeing sold 1,114 of the 200 model, compared with just 30 of its 100s.737-200型飞机完全与100型同时发售,这架飞机的机身长度和燃油容量有所减少,在用完全完全相同燃料的情况下可以载客97人,航程减少到3500公里,对于航空公司而言737-200飞机是更佳的自由选择。

波音售出了1140架737-200,相比之下737-100只卖出了30架。Superseding the 737-200 was the 200 Advanced, with technological improvements to thrust-reversal, flaps and two larger, more fuel-efficient engines, giving operators yet another 15 percent increase in payload and range.替代737-200飞机的是200 Advanced(200先进设备型),这个型号的飞机对后坐、襟翼做到了技术改良,用于了两个更大,更加省油的引擎,为营运商减少了15%的载荷和航程。

The classic era经典系列时代In the early 1980s, Boeing completed its first major overhaul of the jet, with the release of three new models in what is now called the “Classic” series. The updated aircraft offered more power, more range, more seats and a shiny, new, digital flight deck.在1980年代初期,波音公司已完成了对于喷气飞机的第一次大统合并且公布了三种新型号的飞机,这些型号的飞机如今被称作“经典”系列。所有改良过的飞机有更加强大的动力,更长的航程,更好的座位,还有新的数码飞行中甲板。

The 737 Classics were up to 36.5 meters long, 20 percent longer than the popular 737-200, and had a range of 4,200 kilometers or more with 25 percent better fuel efficiency.经典系列的737飞机长度减少到了36.5米,比737-200飞机减少了20%,航程为4200公里,燃油效率提升了25%。The catch for the new, more-powerful jets was that they were too big to fit on the wings, resulting in a redesign into a shape aptly dubbed the “hamster pouch.” Even so, the jets still had an uncomfortably shallow 46 centimeter ground clearance.这架动力强大的新飞机给人的感觉是机身过于大以至与机翼不相匹配,结果设计师们展开了新的设计,使机身精妙地放置在一个“仓鼠车”上。即便如此,这架飞机仍只有较低的46厘米地面净空,给人的感觉不过于难受。

The Classics also inherited the then-new 757s funky new interior. All together, 1,988 Boeing 737-300s, -400s and -500s were built.经典系列的737飞机也延用了当时尚属新机型的757飞机的时髦内饰。波音公司一共生产了1988架737-300、737-400、737-500型号的飞机。


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